The Best Cut Out Cookies We Have Ever Tried – And We’ve Tried Many

It’s Time To Kick Your Holiday Baking Up A Notch With These Perfect Cut-Out Cookies I grew up in a household that didn’t really get to enjoy sweets or dessert. Both my parents were extremely health conscious, which meant that for us a special treat after dinner consisted of some type of fruit—or if we [...]

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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This S’Mores Recipe. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

6 Ingredients and 30 Minutes In The Oven: The Best Dessert I’ve Ever Made I cannot tell y’all how much I am in love with this dessert recipe. I nabbed it off my friend. She wanted me to keep it a secret, but I couldn’t help myself. You’re all going to scramble to the kitchen [...]

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Cinnamon Roll Cookies – So Delicious, You Won’t Know What Hit You

These Cookies Will Blow You Away and Leave You Wanting More There’s something so inherently cozy about enjoying a big ‘ol cinnamon roll on a lazy weekend morning. You feel relaxed—like everything is right with the world. And, also, if you’re anything like me that cinnamon roll you’re enjoying? It either came out of a [...]

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My Kids Love Making This Christmas Dessert With Me Every Year. It’s A Family Tradition!

Easier Than Pie! I Mean That Literally Because They’re Cookies! You may not know me, but let me tell you something about myself and my family: Christmas is a month long celebration for us! Sometimes even longer than that! We once kept our Christmas tree up until February! Woops! Anyways, you can imagine with how [...]

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A 3-Ingredient Sinfully Chocolate Dessert That Takes Literally Minutes To Make!

Chocolate, Candy Bars, And 5 Minutes – What Could Be Better? Merry Christmas everyone! So I really don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make this three ingredient Tim Tam Fudge recipe.  After trying just one bite I was in love! I made this recipe for the first time last year when I was putting [...]

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Traditional Greek Cookies That Taste Exactly Like Christmas!

Fluffy, Tender, Sweet Cookie Balls Are What Childhood Dreams Are Made Of I hope you have a snowy and jolly merry Christmas with these amazing festive sweet butter cookies from my Greek heritage! If you haven’t tried Kourabiedes before, then you are certainly missing out! They are a Greek butter cookie that gets rolled into [...]

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