My Kids Love Making This Christmas Dessert With Me Every Year. It’s A Family Tradition!

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Easier Than Pie! I Mean That Literally Because They’re Cookies!

You may not know me, but let me tell you something about myself and my family: Christmas is a month long celebration for us! Sometimes even longer than that! We once kept our Christmas tree up until February! Woops!

Anyways, you can imagine with how much we love Christmas at my house that we love all the baking and cooking that comes with the holidays. We definitely turn out loads of cookies over the cold, snowy weekend.

Since we make so many cookies, we need simple recipes that can be mixed together quickly. We still want them to taste yummy though! These Peppermint Thumbprint Cookies are one of my all-time favorite recipes for December. We usually make more than one batch during the holidays.

All you need are your basic cookie ingredients, red and green sugar, and peppermint kisses! Even better? They take less than 10 minutes to bake in the oven. You could have a delicious treat in less than thirty minutes!

The recipe is simple enough that my kids can do it without me even being in the kitchen with them. OR, this means I can be making something different, and we get twice the amount of cookies! Don’t judge us! We may be obsessed with Christmas to an unhealthy degree, but we get to eat a lot of delicious things because of it!


Quick Tip: Add a very light indentation with your thumb before baking to make the thumbprint shape for the peppermint kiss.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Cooking for My Kids

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