Nothing Beats A Heaping Helping Of This Cobbler At The End Of A Long Day

  • Easy Blueberry Cobbler

This Recipe Is Perfect For When You Want Something Tasty With Minimal Effort

When I was growing up fruit based desserts were a staple in my family. Neither my dad nor my grandpa were fans of chocolate so that meant that fruit pies, tortes and cobblers were desserts of choice for the majority of family functions (with a side of chocolate chip cookies for us chocolate fans). My favorite dessert, though, was my grandma’s famous easy blueberry cobbler.

This cobbler was legendary in our small town. Everyone knew it was the best around—and everyone wanted the recipe. Fortunately, my grandma was more than happy to spread around the blueberry goodness. Of course, once it spread the recipe was tweaked and updated to fit the family and the occasion.

But the base of the recipe was always the same. Juicy blueberry filling with a just sweet enough crust—and always served with vanilla ice cream. That was a must in my family!

After moving away for college and then staying in my new city after getting married it had been a while since I’d had this fruity treat. So I surprised my family one night by busting out my family recipe box and baking this up for them.

They all agreed—it has stood the test of time and was still the best of the best.


Quick tip: This makes an excellent summer dessert when saved with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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