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  • Easy Fried Ravioli

Looking For a New Appetizer That No One Can Resist? Then You Need This Recipe

The first time I tried fried ravioli was at a local Italian American restaurant on our first date with my now husband. I had never heard of them but he assured me that we absolutely had to get an order of them to share. He was right—after first bite I fell in love. And we’ve been eating them ever since thanks to this easy fried ravioli recipe!

This was one of those recipes that I just happened to stumble upon while having no idea what to make for dinner one night. And, yes, I know they’re not a healthy dinner—but that night it was just my husband and I (our son was spending his first night over at grandma and grandpa’s) so it seemed like  the perfect thing to make.

When my husband found me setting up my dredging station he definitely gave me a weird look. And I’m pretty sure he even said that “fried ravioli aren’t really a supper food” but that didn’t deter me! I went ahead and made the recipe, served it with a side salad to make it a “complete” meal, and enjoyed every bite.

This recipe is really just so easy and delicious. It’s become a family favorite.


Quick tip: If you want to make this a “lighter” dish you can bake the coated ravioli at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. They won’t have the classic fried flavor but will still be tasty!

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