A Secret Ingredient Keeps These Cookies Soft For Days – You Gotta Try Them!

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You’re Going To Need A Tall Glass Of Milk For These…

I consider myself somewhat of a cookie connoisseur—at least when the cookies are made to my liking. Dry, crunchy or crumbly cookies just have no place in my kitchen. But for years the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe eluded me… until I found this recipe for chocolate chip pudding cookies.

My issue with chocolate chip cookies was that no matter how soft they were the first day I baked them within a day or two they became hard and crunchy—the opposite of my ideal cookie. So I found myself trying recipe after recipe to see if I could find just the right balance of ingredients to keep them soft and chewy for longer.

Well, it just so happened that one day while looking for a different recipe in an old cookbook a recipe for the “softest ever” chocolate chip cookies caught my eye. Could this be the recipe I’d been searching for?

I scrolled through the ingredients and saw pudding mix listed. It seemed strange but I went with it. And I was so glad I did! Out of the oven these cookies were divine. But they were just a good for days afterword’s! Perfectly soft without a hint of crunch. My cookie prayers were answered.


Quick tip: These cookies freeze well. Keep them in a freezer safe container for up to 1 month and simply thaw on the counter for fresh cookies whenever you want them.

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