This Easy Lemon Loaf Is Sure To Brighten Up Your Day!

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We’ve Got The Perfect Recipe For When You Want Maximum Flavor For Minimal Effort

Did you get a good look at the wonderfully tasty cake mix lemon loaf? I’m seriously drooling just thinking about it! This is one of those recipes that just seems to get passed around from family to family because it is so good—no one can resist!

I clearly remember my first time trying it. I was a new mom struggling to find my routine with a baby in the house, going part time at my job, and my husband starting a new job with longer hours. It felt like total chaos in our house no matter how much I tried to keep up.

What kept me (somewhat) sane was taking time once a week to do what I’d always loved doing—bake. Before my husband and I got married I was actually very close to opening my own bakery but when another opportunity came my way instead I stuck with it as a hobby.

Of course, with a new baby in the house my baking projects went from elaborate day long creations to much simpler recipes. However, I wasn’t about to sacrifice taste. So recipes like this super easy loaf cake are perfect. They take little time or effort but turn out so delicious!


Quick tip: Adding a tbsp of lemon zest to the batter really amps up the flavor.

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