Are You Drooling Yet? This Recipe Will Take Your Burger Game To A Whole New Level

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The Surprise Inside These Burgers Will Keep You Coming Back For More

When I was a kid my family grilled out almost every night of the summer. Our house didn’t have air conditioning so that was the best way to keep the house at a sweltering heat instead of an outright unbearable one. And our favorite thing to grill was burgers. We loved them any way but my dad’s famous cheese stuffed burgers were always a special treat.

I’m not totally sure how he ended up making stuffed burgers, but according to my mom it had something to do with my dad’s being sick of topping burgers with cheese just to have half of it melt off onto the grill.

So he took it upon himself to ensure that his burgers were the absolute cheesiest around. We knew he was onto something when we hosted a neighborhood barbecue. Everyone raved about those burgers! I’m pretty sure that he couldn’t grill them up fast enough to match demand.

Now that I’m married and with my own family we keep this burger tradition alive every chance we get. My kids and husband love them so much we’ve made it a weekly tradition to serve them. If you haven’t tried burgers like this before you need to!


Quick tip: Stuff these burgers with whichever cheese is your favorite—Gruyere melts beautifully and Pepperjack adds a nice kick.

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