Toss Your Box Mixes! These 5 Ingredient Homemade Brownies Are Just As Easy & So Much Tastier

  • 5 Ingredient Brownies

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With This Easy Homemade Treat!

My family and I recently moved for my husband’s job. We didn’t move too far—just about an hour from our previous home—but my daughter had to switch schools. She was, of course, nervous about this transition, so the night before her first day in her new class we bake up a batch of these delicious 5 ingredient brownies.

I’ve always enjoyed baking and now that my daughter is a little older (she’ll be 8 next month) I’m finding that she really enjoys it, too. We pick one night a week to bake up a treat together. Her favorite things to make are chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. In fact, she has my grandma’s banana bread recipe memorized!

On this particular night I knew that something easy would be best. Not only would it ensure we all get to bed on time (can’t start a new school tired!) but it was also a family favorite that could lure even my husband—the self-professed sweets hater—into the kitchen. He could turn down almost any other treat but brownies got him every time.

It was a great memory for our family. The first full weekend in our new house capped off with eating simple and tasty homemade brownies together.


Quick tip:  To make slicing and serving easy line pan with parchment paper (a large enough piece to have excess hanging out edges) and when done lift out the brownies and slice into neat squares.

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