Easy Peppermint Truffles Your Whole Family Wants To Devour

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These Impressive Peppermint Truffles Require Just 6 Ingredients!

Ever since my husband and I had our first child we’ve made a real effort to make the Christmas season joyful for him (and for his two younger sisters now, too). We both came from families that didn’t make that big of a deal out a Christmas, which left us longing to be part of our friends’ families with their bright, sparkly Christmas lights, caroling, and Christmas movie marathons. The other night we made these easy peppermint truffles and talked about our holiday memories.

There was just something that seemed so special about those moments together, and I remember dreaming of them as a child and hoping that maybe for once my parents would want to do those things, too.

But, alas, it never happened. Still to this day they celebrate Christmas very plainly—minimal decorations, no music and just a trip to church on Christmas Eve. So now my husband and I are making up for lost time by giving our kids the Christmas we always wanted.

As a huge food lover a big part of celebrating Christmas for me are the cooking and baking traditions my husband and I started. I love taking a weekend and baking up delicious treats, My husband and kids’ favorite is molasses cookies.

But I like something a little more indulgent…


Quick tip: When dipping the truffles only dip 3-4 at a time. Keep the rest in the freezer to ensure the truffle doesn’t get to soft and start to melt.

Image and recipe courtesy of The Suburban Mom.


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