The Popular Dessert That You Can Eat From A Cup!

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Kids Or Adults – Everyone Loves This Dessert

I want to tell you about one of my most favorite childhood desserts: strawberry shortcake. Betwene the fluffy cake, the sweet whipped cream, and the juicy strawberries, I could never get enough of it. Of course, it was always great to eat in the summer, but I always begged for it even in Winter.

I have this great strawberry shortcake recipe that you can make at home, but you make them in individual dessert cups! This way, there’s no mess, the clean up is easy, and even your kids can get involved with making it.

What I like to do is cut up all the ingredients, and then I separate them into bowl and arrange them on a table. I give each kid a little dessert cup, and they can assemble their own strawberry shortcakes cup however they want to!

Sometimes, I’ll add extra toppings like additional fruit, chocolate syrup, or even some honey. It’s a fun little thing to do indoors or outdoors, and you get a sweet treat in the process! Every time I have a bit of this dessert, I’m brought back to my summer days as a ten-year-old.

I hope you try this strawberry shortcake dessert recipe out with your family!


Quick Tip: Cool Whip can replace the whipped cream for a yummy alternative!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Mother Rimmy’s Recipes

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