The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This S’Mores Recipe. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

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6 Ingredients and 30 Minutes In The Oven: The Best Dessert I’ve Ever Made

I cannot tell y’all how much I am in love with this dessert recipe. I nabbed it off my friend. She wanted me to keep it a secret, but I couldn’t help myself. You’re all going to scramble to the kitchen to make this S’MORES BROWNIE recipe that is just Heaven in a baking pan.

First, what you do it mix all the ingredients in a bowl. There’s chocolate and marshmallows galore going on in there. Then, line a baking dish with graham crackers. These serve as the base of the brownies. Pur your brownie batter over the graham crackers, and spread everything out a little.

Bake the brownies normally. Then comes the fun part. Top the pan off with extra chocolate chips and marshmallows. You can even add other toppings you want on your brownies! More graham crackers, candy pieces, cookie pieces. Whatever you want!

After baking it just a few more minutes in the oven, all the chocolate is melted, and the marshmallows are sticky. Let the pan cool for a little bit, and then you can slice it up! Seriously, grab a piece for yourself before you set the pan down because these babies will go!


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Recipe and image courtesy of: Jo’s Country Kitchen

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