A 3-Ingredient Sinfully Chocolate Dessert That Takes Literally Minutes To Make!

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Chocolate, Candy Bars, And 5 Minutes – What Could Be Better?

Merry Christmas everyone! So I really don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make this three ingredient Tim Tam Fudge recipe.  After trying just one bite I was in love!

I made this recipe for the first time last year when I was putting together Christmas gifts for my family, and I thought a yummy fudge would be perfect alongside their gifts, just to show them how much I loved them.

If you don’t know what Tim Tams are, don’t worry! This is a European candy bar that my family has always treated ourselves too. They are very similar to Kit Kats, so I suggest using those to make your fudge! It should set exactly the same and will taste just as chocolatey.

This fudge turned out perfectly, and just a few pieces may not have made it into my Christmas gifts.  I decided to add around 3/4 of the chopped Tim Tams (or Kit Kats) to the fudge itself, and then sprinkled the remaining pieces over the top of the fudge as decorations.  This ensures you still got whole candy bar pieces to enjoy in each mouthful as they will melt a little when stirred through the hot fudge.


Quick Tip: A Tim Tam is a European chocolate bar. You can Replace this with Kit Kats!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Create Bake Make

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