The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe – You’ll Never Want Another Dessert!

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A Secret Ingredient Is Added To The Pie Filling For A Creamy Texture!

I love pie! I really love any type of pie, but my favorites are always fruit pies. I remember as a kid, my aunt would always have a fresh pie made on the weekends I would spend at her house. Depending on the season, the fruit would always be different.

Sometimes I’d have strawberry, cherry, apple… but my absolute favorite flavor has always been BLUEBERRY. I love the feeling of a fresh blueberry bursting in your mouth when you bite it.

Now that I’ve grown, I’ve tried making my own blueberry pie. I always had one problem though: the blueberries would get too hot and liquidy in the oven, and they would soak through the crust. My Aunt FINALLY gave me her secrets.

There are two tips to making the best blueberry pie: one is the you should freeze the pie just before baking it. The frozen filling will still bake through, but they won’t get too hot and explode in the oven.

The other tip is to add sour cream to the blueberry filling. That may sounds crazy, but the thicker filling keeps the whole blueberries floating in the middle. They won’t sink to the bottom and make a soggy crust.


Quick Tip: Serve a slice of pie with your favorite ice cream. Mine is French vanilla!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Jo’s Country Junction

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