Four Ingredients And Two Steps Is All You Need For The Quickest Thanksgiving Recipe

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Dip, Dessert, Or Both? You Decide!

When is it too early to start  making pumpkin flavored recipes? Or, a better question might be, do I care? Nope! Okay  – moving on! I love pumpkin desserts so much, and could literally eat it year-round. I won’t lie to you – I sort of do! And I really love fall, everything about it.

Pumpkin, the smell of falling leaves, the slight chill in the air, the crunchy sound with every step you take. Even football. Yes, even football… sorta kinda. Don’t tell my husband (he’s a big fan of the Steelers. Don’t hate on anybody’s team, now!).

This easy pumpkin pudding recipe is part of my Secret Recipe Society. It’s literally just four ingredients and a few minutes of your time. It’s an easy dessert, but you could honestly serve it as a snack/dip too!  I found it on another blog once before, and I instantly fell in love with how easy it is to make and the taste of course.

In fact, the blog has a ton of other great recipes too, so I really suggest you check it out some time. This is a quick and easy recipe that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your craving for fall. Trust me on this one, I know what I’m talking about!


Quick Tip: Toasted pumpkin seeds would make a great garnish and add crunchy texture.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Rachel Cooks

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