This Pumpkin Cobbler Will Steal The Show At Thanksgiving

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Get A Show-stopping Dessert Without Making A Complete Mess Of Your Kitchen!

So you thought that you had seen the last of one of your favorite types of dessert – the humble cobbler – when summer came to an end? Think again, my friend! Cobblers have extended their season into autumn’s falling leaves and cooler temperatures. This stunning example that Holly baked up is an amazing fall treat that might just make you give up on pumpkin pie – forever!

Picture the warm spices of pumpkin pie – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger – blended into a pumpkin-y cake-like batter. Now imagine sprinkling a topping of brown sugar and cinnamon all over the top just before slipping it into your oven. Oh, wait just a minute, you forgot to add the magic ingredient! That’s right – flood the whole thing with water!

WHAAAAT? But you are going to ruin a perfectly good cake! Ah, ye of little faith! Would I steer you wrong? Of course I wouldn’t! Do you want to know what happens next? Of course you do!

In the blink of an eye…well, okay, it’s really going to be closer to an hour…you will pull a magical masterpiece out of your oven. Why, it’s a cake! Yes, that it is. But where did the water go? Hmmm….


Quick Tip:  Make sure you buy pure pumpkin or pumpkin puree, NOT pumpkin pie filling. Pumpkin pie filling has been sweetened and already contains spices. If you use it, your results will be both too sweet and too spicy.

Recipe and image courtesy of Holly at Life in the Lofthouse

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