A Southern Classic Brought Back To Life!

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A Down Home Southern Favorite Straight From Granny’s Recipe Box!

One of my favorite desserts made by my sweet Southern granny was a spiced pear cobbler. That recipe was lost to me, over many years and many moves. This recipe that I found on Ashley’s blog is an amazingly close replica of that made by my granny.

It brought back all of those warm and cozy memories of Sunday dinners at her huge, extended-family-sized table, dinners that were always followed by some delectable dessert that she had created out of the most basic ingredients. She was the most accomplished, entirely self-taught baker!

But it was her cobblers that I loved the most, and pears are perhaps my favorite fruit of all. You rarely see them baked into a cobbler, which is why this recipe immediately caught my eye. As Ashley says, “How can you not love juicy pears topped with a sweet crumb mixture?” Indeed!

Cobblers probably are the easiest desserts in the world to make. You just cook down your fruit and whatever spices you want to use with sugar and a bit of flour or cornstarch until it is thick and bubbly. You then put the fruit in a baking dish, add the topping and bake until it is golden brown.


Quick Tip:  Instead of using a pastry blender or a fork to create the crumbly topping, use your fingers to work the butter into the flour, sugar and spice mix by pushing it between your fingers. It makes for a far more evenly-distributed mix, so that your topping doesn’t end up with a floury taste caused by unincorporated flour.

Recipe and image courtesy of Ashley at Wishes and Dishes

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