See How Easily You Can Create An Over-The-Top Thanksgiving Dessert!?

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Are You Worried About Making A Good Impression On Your In-Laws This Thanksgiving?

It isn’t very often that you can turn bare bone basics into show-stopping, luxurious results. Cinderella’s transformative journey to the ball comes to mind. With that story as an example, I think you would have to agree that April’s simple, yet absolutely stunning recipe for this Cinderella of a cake certainly takes the glass slipper!

Not only is this cake gorgeous to gaze upon, but it won’t cost you a princely sum to make it. And when your guests take their first bite of this Easy Cranberry Upside-Down Cake, you will be able to tell from the surprised looks on their faces that their thoughts about the cranberry have been changed forever, as this simple fruit magically bestows a glorious red crown upon a humble white cake mix, transforming it into a sight – and taste! – to behold. Ah, the cranberry as Fairy Godmother – who would ever have guessed?

Just imagine what a hit this is going to be on your Thanksgiving table! Guests will think you are some type of pastry chef, because this cake looks like it was very complicated to create. You can keep it a secret, I won’t tell! Finally, the cranberry has been taken out of its role as servant to the turkey royalty and is now wearing its rightful crown as king of the feast!


Quick Tip:  If the whole-berry cranberry sauce you select seems to be a little too tart, you could sweeten it with a little sugar or honey. BUT – add it slowly, ½ teaspoon at a time, then let it sit a few minutes, stir and taste again. You want it to have just a hint of sweetness, because you want to preserve the contrast between the sweet cake and the tart berries. This is especially true if you are planning to use the optional glaze, which might make it overly sweet if you have already made your cranberries too sweet.

Recipe courtesy of April at Mama Loves Food, image courtesy of DIYS

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