One More Ingredient Is Added To These Mini Apple Pies For A Delicious Twist

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My Family Loves Having Individual Desserts After Their Thanksgiving Meal!

Do you ever have a little bit of cranberry sauce left over from Thanksgiving dinner? All you need is a quarter cup of the yummy side to make these mini homemade apple pies! That’s right, these apple pies have more than just apples.

A dash of cranberry sauce adds a tartness and special flavor that, at least in my family, makes everyone gobble their dessert down. It’s either the cranberries, or the fact that everyone gets their own little mini pie instead of a giant slice that falls apart on its way to the plate!

My favorite part of making these mini apple pies is rolling out the pie down. I love to cut out fun, little pieces and make interesting designs on top of each pie. Sometimes, I’ll do the classic lattice pattern, like in the picture.

However, other times, I like to make my family members’ initials, or I’ll stamp out little hearts or stars to put on top. As long as you freeze the individual pies before you put them in the oven to bake, the shapes will stay intact and the dough won’t burn.

The combination of apples and cranberries makes for a really juicy filling that all the kids AND adults love. Yum!


Quick Tip: Using a mix of apples is the secret to the best tasting apple pies.

Recipe and image courtesy of: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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