Now You Can Have One Dessert At Thanksgiving Without Sacrificing The Other One!

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See How Easily You Can Combine Two Of Your Favorites Into One Awesome Dessert!?

Hold the phone, Nellie – this too-good-to-be-true dessert is calling my name! Now I love a good brownie. I also love pumpkin pie. Seriously, it is almost an addiction. But put the two together and then top it with a pecan crumble? Okay, you’ve got me – I’m hooked!

When I saw Sandra’s tremendous take on the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, I knew that my Thanksgivings would never be the same. I would never again bring a plain old pumpkin pie with me to any event requiring one. From now on, this is the dessert for me.

Especially since I am trying hard to regain my girlish figure and that little devil is whispering in my ear, “Go ahead, have two desserts!” Now I can tell that little demon to sit down and shut up, because I WILL be having two desserts, just in one cleverly disguised combination.

Whenever I see new and different takes on traditional dishes, interesting mash-ups of two seemingly unrelated items, it makes me wonder who could have ever even conceived such an idea in the first place. Did someone sit around, pondering this long and hard, or was it some happy accident in the kitchen that brought these two desserts together?


Quick Tip:  Although it is not mentioned in the Fudge Layer portion of the recipe, you will need to stir in the vanilla when you are stirring in the eggs and sugar.

Recipe and image courtesy of Sandra at A Dash of Sanity

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