Not A Fan Of Pumpkin Pie? Try This Dessert Recipe For The Holidays!

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I Can’t Believe How Moist These Muffins Are – I Love Them!

Today, I have for you this classic Pumpkin Muffin recipe. While I’m sure you’ve had pumpkin muffins before, these ones are special because they use a gluten free flour mix. My sister is on a gluten free diet because gluten upsets her stomach.

I’m well versed in gluten free recipes, so I always try to make a holiday dessert that she can eat. If you’ve ever made a gluten free baked good before, you’ll know that they can sometimes fall apart very easily. When you can’t use regular flour, it’s hard for anything you’re making to have structure.

That’s why I love this recipe so much – the muffins are very moist and tender, but they don’t fall apart as soon as you peel away the muffin liners! Of course, if you don’t need a gluten free muffin, you can simply use regular all purpose flour in this recipe. It will still taste and bake exactly the same!

I used Land O Lakes butter and eggs, but you’re welcome to use any brand you like. I just personally like this brand. If you want an easy holiday dessert recipe, and you’re tired of pumpkin pie, please try my gluten free Pumpkin Muffin recipe!


Quick Tip: You don’t have to use gluten free flour! Regular all-purpose flour works in this recipe too.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Land o Lakes

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