No Fake, It Really IS No-Bake – And WOW Is It Delicious!

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Think This Is Going To Be Too Hard? No – It’s Easier Than Pie (Seriously)!

Just about everyone loves German Chocolate Cake, right? But it is the one cake that very few people ever make. Why is that? It is just too daggone hard, far too time consuming and it is rather expensive, to say the least. But this awesome new recipe from Lisa takes German Chocolate Cake to whole new levels of deliciousness by adding cheesecake into the mix. It really “frosts the cake,” so to speak.

And for the whole thing to be that true “baker’s delight” – a no-bake confection? Well, y’all – I am speechless! When I ran across this recipe, I thought it was too good to be true. Then, I started to believe it might be possible to do a mash-up of these two popular desserts, but surely it would be too hard for the “baking-skills challenged” among us, such as myself, to ever hope of being able to master it.

I couldn’t have been happier while being more wrong! Folks, this is Simple, with a Capital S! It is just some very quick and easy layers that come together in a snap. In fact, the hardest part involved in making this cake is going to be waiting for it to set up as it chills in your fridge overnight. Ah, but good things do, indeed, come to those who wait!


Quick Tip:  Want this dessert to have an even more authentic German Chocolate taste? Simply use the Baker’s German Chocolate, instead of the semi-sweet chocolate.

Recipe and image courtesy of Lisa at Creole Contessa

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