No-Bake Dessert Bars That Are Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, And Gooey

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The Internet Cannot Get Over This Killer Dessert Flavor Duo!

Even if we all tend to get tired of all the holiday cooking and baking that comes at the end of the year, that doesn’t mean you’re tired of sweet treats! And trying to back away from all the calories doesn’t mean you have to go cold-turkey on dessert, either. The perfect answer to both dilemmas? My No Bake Sweet and Salty Bars!

Now, I won’t claim that these bars are some sort of healthy food, but you can feel better about eating dessert than you did when you had all those cookies and trifles from Christmas!

The rolled oats give them a delicious crunch, and the chocolate drizzle gives them the perfect amount of sweetness. Even better? All you need to do is mix them together, stick them in the fridge, and enjoy.

Yum! Delicious, simple, and no need to turn on the oven. Phew! Plus, if you want to make a whole bunch of bars ahead of time, you can freeze them, too! Just make sure you let them sit for a few minutes at room temperature before enjoying.

Tell us if you give these No Bake Sweet and Salty Bars a try, and of course come back to let us know how they turn out for you!


Quick Tip: You can top the bars with mini peanut butter cups as an extra treat!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Tip Hero

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