This Could Be Your New Favorite Cake!

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One Slice Of This Cake Will NEVER Be Enough!

I have eaten many a chocolate cake in my time. In fact, chocolate cake is one of my all-time favorite desserts. How about you? Do you have a mad passion for chocolate cake? The only chocolate cake that I have ever met that I didn’t really care for was German Chocolate Cake.

Oh, I really LOVE the frosting – what’s not to like about coconut and pecans, held together with gooey sweetness? It was always the texture of the cake, itself, that left me wanting something more, wishing I had chosen something different. It was barely chocolate-tasting and it was almost lighter than air. In fact, it always seemed odd to me that this light and spongy cake didn’t totally collapse under the weight of the frosting.

That was before I stumbled across this amazing recipe from Beth. Now this? This is a cake to die for! Gone is all of that airy, sponginess that turned me away. In its place is the moistest, densest – wait for it! – Bundt cake! As Beth says, “Look how velvety this cake looks, YUM!” You hit the nail right on the head! The only issue you have to watch out for with Bundt cakes is getting them out of the pan. See the Quick Tip for helpful hints.


Quick Tip:  Bundt cakes like to stick to all of those convoluted nooks and crannies! To prevent this, generously spray your Bundt pan with cooking spray and dust it lightly with powdered cocoa. This will also add an extra dimension of flavor. Alternatively, you can dust your pan with sugar, but you will need to be sure to remove the cake from the pan promptly, as sugar can make it stick if you allow the cake to get too cool in the pan.

Recipe and image courtesy of Beth at The First Year

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