The Lazy Baker’s Way To Create A Show-Stopping Apple Dessert

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Serve Thanksgiving Apple Pie Like Martha Stewart Would!

Okay, so you’re NOT Martha Stewart. I feel your pain, because I’m not Martha Stewart, either. But wouldn’t it be great if we could serve a show-stopping dessert at our next Thanksgiving feast? One just like you know good ol’ Martha is whipping up in her kitchen to serve her family and friends? You betcha!

With Kathy’s mouthwatering recipe for a Rustic Apple Tart, we can. The best part? It is so unbelievably easy that once you have tried it, you will never make apple pie again! This is exactly how apple “pie” desserts were made before the pie pans we commonly use today were invented. You can use any apple, and you don’t even have to peel them!

The real key to this Rustic Apple Tart being easier than, well, pie is this:  you don’t have to fool around making the fancy crust, or double crust, required for most types of fruit pie. No sirree! So those of us that are crust-challenged can make one of these bad boys with ease. Did your crust tear or develop holes? Don’t cry! Just patch it up and carry on. Those tears and patches just add to the authentic rustic charm of its free-form shape.


Quick Tip:  Do you want your tart to be even more delicious? Melt 2 Tbsp. of apricot preserves in the microwave and brush them over the apples after the tart is fully-baked and before you sprinkle with powdered sugar. If you have a large Thanksgiving gathering, you can make several of these tarts, bake them and reheat them in the oven prior to serving.

Recipe and image courtesy of Kathy at The Spruce

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