At Last, The Secret To Your Grandma’s Made-From-Scratch Chocolate Pie Is Revealed!

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You Don’t Have To Be A Pastry Chef To Be Able To Make This Dessert

Who among us doesn’t love chocolate cream pie? Who among us is old enough to remember when this type of pie was NOT made with instant pudding? Cooked pudding? Okay, so a few of you out there still can remember how your grandmother, or maybe even your great-grandmother, could make a chocolate cream pie entirely from scratch.

It has been a long time ago, for me, but the memory is still there. In looking for a recipe that would replicate my great-grandmother’s recipe, I ran across this authentic recipe from Cecil (yes, men can bake, too!). Although it isn’t entirely made-from-scratch, it confirms what I thought I had remembered. There was knowledge of a certain magical ingredient that yesterday’s cooks possessed that has been nearly forgotten in modern times and cooking. What is this mystical ingredient? Cornstarch!

I have always used it as a thickener for gravies and sauces of any kind. It is so much quicker and more efficient than using wheat flour will evet be. It does not clump up and form lumps that then need to be strained from gravy. But most of all, cornstarch makes a rich and totally silky-smooth chocolate cream pie that has a glorious mouthfeel.


Quick Tip:  You can make this filling in the microwave! Just mix all of your filling ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave it in 1-minute increments, whisking after each one. It might take 8-10 increments. A great alternative to standing over a hot stove, stirring and stirring.

Recipe courtesy of Cecil and image courtesy of Sue Garzone at AllRecipes

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