Get Rid Of Bad Attitudes About Cranberries Once And For All!

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Don’t Let One More Thanksgiving Pass You By Without Trying This!

Poor little cranberry! It spends a lot of its life cycle growing in a soggy bottom bog, just waiting and hoping to be plucked up and turned into jelly or sauce. But it is high time that people elevated cranberries to a loftier position in their holiday menus! Why not make them a part of dessert? After all, their slightly tart taste can be a delicious counterpoint to the overwhelmingly sweet fare that seems to be standard for this time of year.

This Holiday Cobbler from Better Homes & Gardens cleverly disguises the humble cranberry among a mélange of other more widely-eaten and graciously-accepted fruits, such as cherries, plums and pears (although, personally, I just won’t eat plums as I find their texture repulsive). They are all turned into a fresh new cobbler, full of bright holiday colors and tastes.

This may not be exactly like any cobbler your grandma ever made, but with its oat-filled biscuit topping, it certainly falls smack dab under the heading of comfort food. The recipe calls for adding store-bought cinnamon ice cream to serve with it. I have never seen that in my market, so if you cannot find any either, just use plain old vanilla ice cream or your favorite type of whipped topping. It’s all good!


Quick Tip:  Want to make this an even more flavorful and memorable cobbler? Try adding ¼ tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp cloves and 1/8 tsp nutmeg to the biscuit topping.

Recipe and image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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