My Family Can NOT Get Enough Of These Deviled Eggs

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Your Favorite Party Snack Gets A Southwestern Twist!

I’m sure there is some party where you’ve had deviled eggs. At the very least, your family’s Easter party definitely had deviled eggs! My family loves this party snack or appetizer. Actually, I love making them on a regular basis for breakfast on the weekends.

Boiling the eggs is easy enough, but just the regular yolk filling can get really boring really fast. I thought of this awesome way to go beyond salt, pepper, and mayo.

Like I said, I love eating deviled eggs for breakfast. You know what I also like for breakfast? Tex Mex! I thought I could combine two of my favorite foods into one.

That’s how I got the idea to add a packet of taco seasoning to my yolks. That, along with some green onions, chilis, and corn, and these babies are just begging to be eaten! I blend everything in a food processor, so the yolk is still nice and smooth.

I just spoon it back into my eggs. Then, I’ll add a dash of cayenne or paprika across the tops. I occasionally bring these to family parties, and everyone devours them. You could say these deviled eggs are sinfully addictive! I couldn’t help myself!


Quick Tip: Top the deviled eggs with additional cheese or a pinch of taco seasoning!

Recipe and image courtesy of: CD Kitchen

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