These 3 Ingredient Cookies Are Like Magic! You Need To Try Them

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

For When You Need Cookies And You Need Them Now…

Cookies have always 100% been my favorite dessert. Specifically soft and chewy drop cookies like snicker doodle, chocolate chip and oatmeal scotchies. If someone has any one of these out for dessert you can bet I won’t be able to resist. But at home I try to keep the mad cookie cravings under control with recipes like these delicious 3 ingredient oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t know about you but if I were  to make a batch of one of my favorite cookies at home I’ll find myself sneaking them out of the cookie jar… just one at a time… only to realize that over the course of a day I’ve consumed half a dozen cookies! That’s not so great on the waistline or my overall health.

So when over at my parents’ house one day and trying my best to resist the plate of peanut butter cookies she sat out for us (curse her!) I mentioned how I’d been on the hunt for some healthier cookie recipes.

My mother is not known for healthy cooking (butter is her BFF), so I was surprised when she immediately said she had the perfect recipe. I quickly scribbled it down and made the cookies the very next day. OMG.


Quick tip: Swap out chocolate chips for any other favorite cookie mix-ins: raisins, craisins, nuts, etc.

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