Sweet Potato Fries Are The Perfect Healthy & Delicious Snack or Side – Have you Tried Them?

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Healthier Doesn’t Have To Mean Less Tasty! This Recipe Proves It

After my husband and I had our second child we could definitely feel ourselves become more “lax.” There was less stress about the first time leaving her with a babysitter, less worry about keeping her on a perfect schedule, and less worry about our family’s diet as a whole. So one night as my husband and I sat down to eat our third takeout meal in a row I had an epiphany… we had to make more smart choices like these sweet potato fries.

We had to focus more on finding foods that were quick, easy and we loved that didn’t involve calling for delivery or going through the drive thru. I knew it was possible—but that it would also me a bit difficult to leave our routine of convenience behind.

My mom was the one who convinced me to try this recipe when I told her about the diet overhaul we were trying to make. As a lifelong sweet potato lover this recipe was one of her go-tos for any meal or time of day.

And who could blame her? They are utterly delicious! Even my junk loving husband and I agreed that these would be a staple in our home.


Quick tip: Serve these with your favorite dipping sauces (honey mustard pairs particularly well!).

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