Every Time I Make This Appetizer, It Gets Devoured In Minutes

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Forget Milkshakes – This Dip Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

I’m telling you, if you make this Mexican Dip, you’re going to attract a lot of attention! I’ll tell you the story:

About two years ago, I was in such a slump. It was the holidays, I was feeling lonely. With it being the end of the year, I was feeling a little down in the dumps like most of us are. It seemed like all my friends were in relationships. Even at family holiday parties, it seemed like all my cousins were engaged or getting married or having children!

My friend invited me to her annual ugly sweater Christmas party. I had no idea I’d find the love of my life at this event! Of all place, and ugly sweate party? Yeah, right!

I always bring an appetizer to parties that I’m invited to, so I made my Mexican Dip. It’s really easy. You spread a few ingredients in a pan. I like to do it all in a trifle bowl I have. It looks a little nicer, and you get to see all these thick layers. I think that’s what gets people hooked.

Well, I hooked somebody! I met my now-to-be-husband at this party! He said that dip was so good, he had to find out who made it! It was love at first bite!


Quick Tip: You can always add your favorite taco toppings to the top of the dip.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Comfy in the Kitchen

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