Easy Peasy Banana Cream Pie

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This Silky Banana Cream Pie Is Super Simple To Make!

The frantic running around for a quick, yet delicious dessert recipe for an event we had no time to prepare for is over. This pie will knock any other cream pie out of the ballpark. It’s quick put together, and silky, delicious flavor will make you throw away any other similar recipe you had.

Why is this recipe so easy to put together? Well, it allows you to use store bought ingredients such as Cool Whip and Banana Cream Pudding, but doesn’t taste store bought at all! It’s always easy to add a nice touch like fresh banana slices on top to give it that homemade feel.

This is super amazing party food as well. Everyone loves a good pie that is flavorful and light, and this one does the trick! It uses ripe bananas which gives it the refreshing taste in the midst of other heavy and rich desserts.

It also looks elegant, as the arranged banana slices acts as eye candy. But, if banana slice arrangements are not your forte, you can always leave it at the whipped topping. You can add your own flare with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, or a sprinkle of some white sparkles!


Quick Tip: If you want your bananas to ripen faster, place the bananas in a paper bag for a period of time to quicken the ripening process.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of Cincy Shopper


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