Don’t Feel Like Fussing Around With A Cobbler? Try This Unusual Technique!

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If Southerners Have A Fruit Mascot, It Would Have To Be A Peach!

How many of you out there do things in a certain, sometimes peculiar way, because you feel compelled to do things the way your mama – or grandma, or even great-grandma – taught you that they should be done? Well, I can’t actually see your hands, you know! But I’d be willing to wager that it’s a fair-to-middling number of you.

It’s okay, sugar, you are not alone in being held in the gravitational force-field of the women in your family. This is especially true in the South, and Scarlett O’Hara and her “fiddle-dee-dee” be damned! Southern gals are raised to behave as their mothers expect them to behave.

So if your granny points to a pie and calls it a cobbler, you politely respond, “Yes, Ma’am” – unless you fancy being smacked upside your pointy little head! If she tells you that she is going to teach you how to make this “cobbler” using frozen or canned peaches, you don’t dare mention the fully-laden peach tree in your front yard.

So by the time she tells you that you will put not one, not just two, but three layers of crust on this confection, you just smile sweetly and inquire how much flour to measure out! One does not contradict one’s mama and live to tell the tale! When I read Lisa’s unusual deep-dish peach cobbler recipe, I could only nod along in empathy.


Quick Tip:  Make sure you put a baking sheet under your pie plate when you stick this in your oven to bake. I can almost guarantee that it will be oozing peach juice out of every available opening!

Recipe and image courtesy of Lisa at Creole Contessa

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