This Dip Never Separates Or Gets Too Thick. It’s Just Right Every Time!

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Saucy And Cheesy – The Dip You Can Make In 5 Minutes FLAT

Whether it’s a birthday party, a family reunion, a football party, holiday party – whatever party you can think of – my family always asks me to make this dip. My friends do too! No, it’s not a buffalo dip. Although, if you wanted it to be spicy, you could definitely add hot sauce.

No, this is a Bacon BBQ Cheese Dip! Oh my goodness, and every loves it! It certainly looks like a buffalo dip, and I think that’s why everyone is taken by surprise when they try it. It still has a creamy thick texture, thanks to the cream cheese.

The secret is to blend everything together in a food processor. That way, it’s one smooth texture. Even better is that this dip never congeals or gets too thick. It doesn’t separate either!

I like to eat my Bacon BBQ Cheese dip mostly with tortilla chips. But you could try it with toasted bread, pretzels, or even vegetable sticks.

For an extra cheesy dip, simply add some extra shredded cheese on top. Then, put an oven safe bowl under the broiler for a minute to let the cheese melt. That will really get the crowd going!

I hope you enjoy my party dip!


Quick Tip: This dip can be served hot or cold. You can even melt cheese on top!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Caramel Potatoes

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