The Comfort Of a Whole Pie, When You Don’t Have The Time

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Dainty, but packed with flavor!

Have you ever just craved an entire apple pie late at night, but you just don’t have the energy to put it all together? I’ve been there, and this is the perfect solution for my fellow late night snackers. This gives you the entire package: an apple pie that fits in the size of your palm!

Apple pie is one of the best comfort foods. If you’re feeling blue, what’s better than a warm slice of sweet apple pie with a big dollop of ice cream on top? This gives you the same comfort, and takes a lot less time to make! You can always add ice cream to anything so why not these as well?

There is plenty of variation in this recipe. You can switch up the apple type, the spice choices, and the nuts. Because every roll up is individual, there is no need for large bowl prepping while making this dish. You just prepare your spice/ nut mix, cut the apple, place it on the crescents, and roll!

This is a great way to get your children to eat fruit too! It is disguised as an apple pie, but with each bite, they are eating an apple slice. This makes it perfect for the picky child, and the sneaky mother.


Quick Tip: Other types of apples (other than granny smith) would work for this recipe.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of The Blond Cook


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