It’s So Good That You Won’t Care Whether It’s Healthy!

Super Easy – Super Yummy – Super….Slow? What would summertime be without sweet corn? Well, it would be a lot of things, obviously, but it wouldn’t be nearly as tasty! But we all know that summer, like all good things, is fleeting in nature and comes to an end all too soon. Here is a [...]

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One of the Most Popular Salads on the Internet

Bunches of Crunches! This salad has been around for years and is a potluck and picnic staple. People love the crunchiness of the salad coupled with the tangy sweetness of the dressing. Some of the ingredients have changed a little over the past decades, to reflect our more health-conscious eating habits. Avocado, mango and edamame [...]

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This Casserole Knocks One Outta the Park With Flavor!

Are You Ready For Utter Deliciousness? One of Jersey’s signature identifying features, and one of which they are inordinately proud, is the humble cheesesteak sandwich. I have to admit, a cheesesteak is a very satisfying sandwich, full of beef, cheese, onions and peppers. But I can’t always take the time to drive to Jersey. My [...]

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Every Cook Should Know the Trick to Making This

The Most Popular Recipe on the Internet! Every cook worth his or her salt has a meatloaf recipe. Many guard their meatloaf recipe like it was a national treasure, only sharing it with family members and their closest friends. Meatloaf recipes are the most popular on the internet, for the simple reason that meatloaf is [...]

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This Will Astound You!

It’s Magically Delicious! You can see three very distinct layers in the picture. Yet this is not some complicated three-layer cake. In fact, it couldn’t be any easier, unless somebody else baked it for you! It truly is a magic cake, because you are only going to prepare one batter to get all three of [...]

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3-Ingredient Easy With a Million Dollar Taste

Easiest Chicken Recipe on the Internet! Do you think you have tried every chicken recipe in existence? Do you feel that you have to add fancy ingredients and time-consuming prep methods to create a mouth-watering chicken dish that your whole family will love? Nothing could be further from the truth, my chicken-challenged friends! This recipe [...]

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