This Easy-To-Make Dish Will Put a Smile in Your Belly!

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This Will Make You Feel as Good as Mashed Potatoes!

Ah, chili mac! Was there ever a finer use for macaroni, beef, cheese and tomato sauce? It both plagued and enriched my formative years.

There was a thoroughly hideous version of chili mac that was served once every week in my school cafeteria. It was trucked to the school from the district kitchen and sat on a steamer and under a heat lamp for so long that it turned into a blob of generally tasteless noodles that settled into concrete in my stomach.

But at home, now that was an entirely different story altogether. I became a self-taught cook and once I reached my teenage years, I took over the cooking responsibilities from my mother, to ensure that my brothers and sisters and I survived our childhoods.

Because we always seemed to have very limited funds when it came time to shop for food, I learned to be a very frugal shopper. Noodles became a staple in our family’s diet. My chili mac was a resounding favorite and there were never any leftovers.

My recipe was slightly different from this one – I think every cook has her own recipe for chili mac! But the basic components were the same:  noodles, meat, tomatoes and cheese. The very stuff of life!


Quick Tip:  Put a few drops of cooking oil and a dash of salt in the water as you cook your noodles. It will keep them from clumping together and you will need far less salt when you make your sauce.

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