This Is The Best Cheesesteak Recipe Outside Of Philly!

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We’re Already Dreaming Of The Next Time We Can Make This Recipe

When my husband first asked me to make him “the best homemade Philly cheesesteak” for dinner on his last birthday I really had no idea where to start. To be honest we had never been to Philly to try an authentic cheesesteak. I’d only ever had a few restaurant knock offs that had always left me feeling very “meh” about the whole cheesesteak thing.

But my husband was insistent that this is what he wanted for his birthday meal so I set out to make it happen.

I first discovered that there is certainly no shortage of Philly cheesesteak recipes out there. In fact, there were almost too many! It made it extremely had to pick the right one to make. But when I found this one the simple, fresh ingredients that it called for drew me in.

So on his birthday I ran to the store for all the ingredients then got home and set to work. And what I ended up making can only be described as the most perfect and delicious homemade cheesesteak on the planet. They were that good.

My husband was one happy birthday boy, and I was able to add another dinner recipe to my collection. It was a win-win!


Quick tip: Traditional cheesesteaks call for Cheez Whiz instead of provolone—if you prefer you can top with Whiz instead. You don’t need to melt in the oven then.

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