After Making This Recipe You’ll Never Want To Use Jarred Sauce Again

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This Outrageously Flavorful Sauce Is Worth Every Stir & Chop – Try It Once And Fall In Love

I’ve long been a lover of semi-homemade recipes. You know the kind. It’s not a meal you just pulled out of a freezer pack and reheated but some ingredients definitely came premade. When you’ve got four kids and two working parents sometimes those meals are the only thing saving you sanity at the end of a long day. But for this best homemade spaghetti sauce recipe I’ll make an exception.

(Always make an exception for pasta. It’s just the right thing to do.)

I first discovered this recipe on a Saturday when I actually—gasp—found myself with the house to myself. My husband was having a fishing weekend with his friends and the kiddos were spending  the weekend with their grandparents.

After a morning of catching up on laundry (so much easier without distractions) I contemplated what I wanted to do for dinner. At first I thought about calling my best friend to see if she wanted to grab a bite out but then had a change of heart.

With some much needed free time on my hands I decided to reignite my love of cooking just for the sake of cooking. And since spaghetti is my favorite food this seemed like the perfect homemade recipe to spend my Saturday night on.


Quick tip: You can sub regular chopped tomatoes for Italian style chopped tomatoes.

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