This Casserole Knocks One Outta the Park With Flavor!

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Are You Ready For Utter Deliciousness?

One of Jersey’s signature identifying features, and one of which they are inordinately proud, is the humble cheesesteak sandwich. I have to admit, a cheesesteak is a very satisfying sandwich, full of beef, cheese, onions and peppers. But I can’t always take the time to drive to Jersey. My brother and his family live there, however, so it does happen, occasionally. Every time I do make that 6-hour trip, we have cheese steaks at least once. I never thought of serving these awesome flavors in a cheese steak casserole!

Then along came this recipe, which takes all the delectable flavors of a cheese steak and puts them into a quick and easy-to-make casserole. That’s right, a cheese steak casserole. Well, hold me down, because my tummy is about to jump up and down for joy!

If there’s one thing I like nearly as much as sandwiches, it’s casseroles. The only trouble with casseroles is that they tend to get boring, if you make them over and over again. But this one is so much like my old friend, the cheesesteak sandwich, that it will always be welcome in my menu rotation.


Quick Tip:  It is always a good idea to add your seasoning to your beef after it has cooked to the point where you can drain off the fat. Otherwise, you are losing a lot of the flavor you added when you drain it.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Heather & Lori at Who Needs A Cape?

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  1. susan Young April 22, 2018 at 12:08 am - Reply

    The casserole for maccoroni and steak looks really good for a family of 5, and cost sufficient with a salad and Italian bread is perfect! Thank you for the recipe.

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