It’s So Good That You Won’t Care Whether It’s Healthy!

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Super Easy – Super Yummy – Super….Slow?

What would summertime be without sweet corn? Well, it would be a lot of things, obviously, but it wouldn’t be nearly as tasty! But we all know that summer, like all good things, is fleeting in nature and comes to an end all too soon.

Here is a way that you can preserve some of that summertime corny goodness and enjoy it year-round. Just keep this recipe handy, and the next time you are craving the sweet taste of summer corn, make up a batch in your slow cooker.

That’s right, this is one of those relatively rare recipes for a corn dish done in your slow cooker. Which is yet another reason why this is a good dish to make in the heat of summer as well, because it will keep your kitchen cool.

This is definitely not something my grandmother would ever have thought of making, as she was a “corn purist.” To her way of thinking, the only thing that belonged in a corn dish was corn, butter and a little salt and pepper.

Oh granny, how you were missing out! This corn is packed with creamy, cheesy flavors that your whole family will love, along with butter, salt and pepper, of course!


Quick Tip:  If you can find it, use the Silver Queen variety of frozen corn as one of the types of corn in making this dish. This white-kernel sweet corn is the sweetest and most tender corn. If you cannot find it, any yellow-kernel frozen corn will work in this recipe.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Stephanie at Plain Chicken

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