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Mama Never Made It Like This!

I don’t know how it was in your family when you were growing up, but at my house, we had my mother’s version of this casserole at least once a week, and sometimes even more often. It was expensive raising a family with seven kids. I didn’t even see fresh fruit until I was an adult, out on my own.

She would open the box of mac and cheese, cook it, then open a can of peas and a can of tuna, stir it all together in the pan where the mac and cheese was cooked and ring the dinner bell. We would come running like Pavlov’s dogs. It was one of the tastiest things she knew how to cook.

These days, my tastes have become more sophisticated. I like to make my mac and cheese from scratch, with exotic cheeses. I rarely mix in tuna, and I can’t remember the last time I combined peas with anything, other than butter.

But this tuna noodle casserole is so far removed from that old blue box and those cans that it might as well be called by another name. It has mushrooms, cream cheese and sour cream – and a permanent home in my recipe box.


Quick Tip:  Don’t like tuna? Don’t pass this recipe by just because of that! Simply substitute chicken or turkey. I guess you could try ground or shredded beef, too.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Stacy Barr at Six Dollar Family

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