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The Most Popular Recipe on the Internet!

Every cook worth his or her salt has a meatloaf recipe. Many guard their meatloaf recipe like it was a national treasure, only sharing it with family members and their closest friends. Meatloaf recipes are the most popular on the internet, for the simple reason that meatloaf is the quintessential comfort food.

For all of their popularity, they can be a disappointment. There is nothing worse than putting together all of the perfect meatloaf ingredients, only to have the entire loaf disintegrate when you attempt to remove it from the pan. Or that sinking feeling you have when you go to serve a guest a slice, only to have it fall apart into unappetizing lumps and crumbs, like the one pictured.

So, yes, there is a trick to making the perfect meatloaf, regardless of which recipe you choose to follow. It DOES require a specialized set of tools. Fortunately, most every cook has at least one of these tools handed down to them directly from their parents.

What? You were hiding the day they passed these out? You say you didn’t get your special meatloaf-making tools? No, don’t run and call your mama to complain! Just clap your hands and they will come to you….now hurry, read the Quick Tip below!


Quick Tip:  The very best way to mix meatloaf is with your own two hands! Remove any rings and wash your hands thoroughly. After you have added all of your meatloaf ingredients into a mixing bowl that is large enough to allow you to get your hands down into it comfortably – dive on in there! Yes, it feels a little odd, but by squishing the meat and other ingredients repeatedly through your fingers and then reforming it into a ball, you ensure that the ingredients get mixed thoroughly and you also create a texture that holds together into a loaf that will not crumble into a mess when you go to slice and serve it.

Recipe courtesy of Brandi Burgess at auntbeesrecipes.com, photo courtesy of foodnetwork.com

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