Beat The Cold Weather With This Ultimate Hot Cocoa

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I love doing projects on my own in my kitchen. Forget frozen foods, pre-cooked anything, or microwave meals. I love the smells that come with freshly made things filling my house.

However, I do need a quick fix like everyone else every now and then. I give you all my 1-2-3 Café Cocoa recipe! This is the perfect recipe for cold mornings and holidays. Who is going to pass up caffeine and chocolate? Not me!

I almost thought I shouldn’t share this recipe because it was too simple, and I sort of wanted to keep it to myself. If I love it, though, then I think you all will too!



8 ounces of water

1 packet of cocoa mix

1 packet of instant coffee




Heat your 8 ounces of water in the microwave for approximately two minutes and 30 seconds.

In a mug, add the cocoa mix and instant coffee granules.

Pour the hot water over the mixes. Stir to combine.



Quick Tip: Stir your drink as quickly as possible with a fork to break up all the granules.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Bossy Italian Wife

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