How To Bake A Pie That Rivals Everyone’s #5 Favorite Cookie

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There’s A Big Compliment Hidden In This Dessert!

Everybody has a favorite cookie. The Number 1 Favorite cookie of everyone here is the US is the chocolate chip cookie. That makes perfect sense, because there is enough variety in the chocolate chip cookie genre that there is some type of chocolate chip cookie to please everyone.

At Number 2 are those chocolate cookies that you can recognize those by their perfectly round shape, nearly black appearance and crème-filled middle layer. Number 3 are Oatmeal Chocolate Chips cookies – another chocolate-type cookie!? Personally, I don’t think these should be counted, since they are a variant of the chocolate chip cookie. The Peanut Butter cookie is holding its own at Number 4. A sure sign of “baker’s burnout” is when you are no longer tempted by what you have baked.

Firmly ensconced in the Number 5 position:  the Snickerdoodle! In case you’ve never eaten one, a Snickerdoodle is a form of sugar cookie, rolled in cinnamon sugar. They are soft and chewy with an addictively bland taste that allows the cinnamon to speak for itself. Now, with Deborah’s ingenious recipe, you can have a Snickerdoodle in pie form! If you bake this pie, anyone who loves Snickerdoodles will be singing your praises!


Quick Tip:  You can make this pie up to 24 hours in advance and store it, covered, in your fridge.

Recipe courtesy of Deborah at Taste and Tell, image courtesy of American Cupcake Life

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