What’s The Secret Ingredient In This Sweet & Tangy Quick Bread?

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If you Like Lemon Baked Goods, You Are Going To Love Healthier Quick Bread!

This lemony, blueberry-packed quick bread that Chelsea created is not only a taste sensation, but it is also healthier than the average bread of its kind. Normally, creators of lemon recipes over-compensate for the tanginess of the lemons by filing the recipe with added sugar. But Chelsea found a clever way around this. She uses lemon-flavored Greek yogurt!

Don’t worry if you cannot locate lemon Greek yogurt, you can use vanilla Greek yogurt instead. It just won’t have quite the same lemony taste. This bread is tender, moist and soft. The coconut oil adds moistness and gives the bread a tender texture that melts in your mouth.

There are yet a couple more little “trade secrets” that are being employed in making this bread. First, do you hesitate to include blueberries – or any berry – in your baked goods because the color bleeds into the batter making it an unappetizing, uniformly gray color? The first trick to avoiding that situation is to only use fresh berries. Not only will they not bleed color into your batter, but they also will distribute themselves through the batter more uniformly, instead of all sinking to the bottom of your bread. But what if you must use frozen berries?


Quick Tip:  The trick to better distribution is to have your berries as dry as possible, whether fresh or frozen, and then coat them in flour BEFORE incorporating them into the batter. That way, they will not sink.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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