Two Decadent – Yet Healthy! – Chocolate Recipes In One!

  • the best healthy brownie ever

You Won’t Believe This Until You Try It For Yourself! So….What Are You Waiting For?

This is the most amazing and wonderful recipe I have ever collected for myself, and I have literally tons of yummy chocolate recipes, in every category from soup to entrees. But I have Never, ever run across a recipe for anything chocolate that is not only healthy, as if that weren’t amazing enough, but that is also decadent and capable of a magical transformation into a different dessert altogether.

I was blown away when I studies Chelsea’s amazing recipe for this healthy brownie. I was suitably impressed with the fact that it contains no flour, no refined white sugar, no eggs and no butter. But throughout the recipe’s description, she kept urging her readers to try these brownies after they were chilled.

Well, everyone who has ever done a lick of baking knows that it runs contrary to popularly accepted wisdom and practice to refrigerate baked goods, unless it is an absolute matter of preserving them due to their ingredients or their tendency to wilt into nothingness if you don’t. Yet here was Chelsea, practically begging her readers to refrigerate these brownies. I decided to take Chelsea up on her offer and try these. As she says, “….these brownies….are chocolate heaven!! GUILT-FREE chocolate heaven to be exact.”


Quick Tip:  Use the best quality of coconut oil you can find. Look for one that is 100% coconut oil, non-hydrogenated and that does NOT contain any trans-fatty acids or cholesterol. This will give you a basic, affordably-priced coconut oil. If you can afford a brand that has not been refined, bleached or deodorized, that will be even better. You will get what you pay for, as with so many other things in life. For best results Chelsea recommends LouAna coconut oil as other coconut oils vary in their baked taste, sometimes resulting in a bitter-tasting baked good.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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