How To Turn A Veggie Into A Sought After Bakery Delight

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Here’s A Quick Way To Turn Out A Twisted Thanksgiving Treat

Ah, the lengths we cooks will go to in impressing our friends, family and other assorted hangers-on during the holidays! It isn’t proof enough of our loving kindness and witless devotion that we spend sometimes the better part of two days preparing a bountiful feast that knows no equal?

A feast that you will devour in 15 minutes – often without one single word of praise or thanks – just to rush back into the living room and watch the kickoff of yet another college football game? Just what is this holiday of thanks-giving? Where is the thanks for those who slave over hot stoves and tend blasting ovens to bring you such a widely-unappreciated meal? Now you expect it to be decorative, too? Oh, be gone with you, fools!

The only reason we take even more of our already scarce and precious time to make any of our culinary offerings decorative on this most sacred of feast days is to please ourselves. That’s right, we indulge in frippery and decorative foolishness for the sheer delight it brings us to see the beauty that can be created with food. This is why we collect gratifying recipes like this one from Diana. This is our slighted gift to you all. For we know the true secret:  it is better to give than to receive. You’re welcome!


Quick Tip:  If your cream cheese is a bit too stiff to spread and swirl easily, put it in the microwave in 10-second increments until it is a good spreading consistency.

Recipe and image courtesy of Diana at The Spruce

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