This Is The Tastiest Creamed Corn Recipe EVER!

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Better Stock Up On Bacon – Once You Taste This, You’ll Make It Again And Again!

Tired of the same old side dishes? Do you LOVE bacon? Well, this dish is going to knock your socks off! Lisa has not only combined bacon with creamy corn, but she has also given it a wonderful punch of Mexican flair and flavor by adding jalapenos to the mix. Now this is one tasty side dish that is so full of flavor that it will soon become one of your favorites and become a regular part of your menu rotation.

Not only is it a whole new taste experience, it is also almost sinfully easy to make. If you can fry up a little bacon, add in jalapenos, stir in a bit of flour and then add milk and heavy cream and stir it until it thickens up, you can make this new taste sensation. Once it is all nice and creamy, you just toss in some frozen corn and heat it through. Simple!

There is only one thing you have to be cautious about in making this recipe. Well, okay, a couple of things. First, whatever you do, don’t fry your bacon while naked – ouch! Next, be sure you read the Quick Tip. In this one case in your life, thicker bacon is NOT “better bacon.”


Quick Tip:  Normally, to make a recipe like this, you would be using some type of butter mixed with flour to make a roux, which is what thickens the sauce. In this recipe, it is the bacon fat that takes the place of the butter, so it is essential that you maintain a certain bacon-fat-to-flour ratio.  Using thick-cut bacon will produce more fat and throw this ratio out of kilter, and you’ll end up with a greasy, runny mess on your hands. So just use regular bacon.

Recipe and image courtesy of Lisa at Wine and Glue

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