Sweet, Soft, and Savory: These Are The Best Carrots I’ve Ever Tasted

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The Thanksgiving Dish That Cooks In Under 10 Minutes!

My grandmother always maintained a fresh herb garden when she was alive. Herbs are actually really easy to take care of. As long as you don’t let ay animals or bugs eat them, all you have to do is give the herbs a little water every day, and the sunshine does the rest.

If you can’t keep a garden, it’s just as easy to grow herbs in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home. Just make sure to keep them near a window to soak up that Vitamin D. Anyways, one of my favorite things my grandmother would make was her Fresh Thyme Carrots.

I’ve never seen anybody else ever cook carrots like my grandmother did. All you really have to do is throw the ingredients into some boiling water, cook them, and then toss in the fresh thyme. It’s the herbs that really make the carrots taste so special.

This is the perfect side dish to include in your Thanksgiving meal. Plus, it really takes less than ten minutes to complete it. The mustard adds a delicious tang, but the fresh thyme gives the carrot flavor a depth that complements the brightness. Even more, it’s a beautiful dish to look at on the dinner table!


Quick Tip: Have extra fresh thyme for garnishing your carrot dish.

Recipe and image courtesy of: CBC.CA Best Recipes Ever

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