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Like Garlic? Like Potatoes? You’re Gonna LOVE This Soup!

Potatoes are, perhaps, the most-loved veggie of all time. Is it any great wonder then that potato soup is probably the most popular soup on the planet? There are thousands of recipes for potato soup out there. They represent every type of consistency from a thin, watery broth to a chowder so thick that it resembles wallpaper paste.

Given that, why should you pay any attention to Lisa’s recipe for an amazing Roasted Garlic Baked Potato Soup? Well, just read the title for your first clue. Roasted garlic is delicious on its own, spread on toast or incorporated into any of a complete range of dishes from appetizer to dessert. Next, this is a soup that is based on baked potatoes. That means you get the full-bodied flavor of a slowly roasted potato.

Did I mention that this luscious soup is made in your slow cooker? Now, not only do you have a thick and flavorful soup, but you also have the ease-of-preparation that is part and parcel of the slow cooker methodology. You really couldn’t ask for anything more….but you are going to get it, anyway. This soup is also filled with cream and cheese, making it the most decadent version of potato soup I have ever seen.


Quick Tip:  You can use any level of dairy that you would like – anywhere from skim milk to heavy cream. The higher the fat percentage, the creamier your resulting soup will be.

Recipe and image courtesy of Lisa at Creole Contessa

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